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So you’re getting married! Why not make a grand entrance by helicopter? With our R44 helicopter we can take up to 3 passengers and make your special day the spectacular event you and your guests will talk about for years. If you are looking for something a lttile bigger we can use the EC120 helicopter, which takes up to 4 passengers or the EC 130 helicopter which takes up to 6 passengers.

Although we can take off and land our helicopters almost anywhere (with permission), we do have arrangements with four Ipswich locations for helicopter arrivals and departures. They are The Country Comfort Motor Inn, Brothers leagues Club, Woodlands of Marburg and Spicers Hidden Vale.

Depending on your requirements our standard wedding helicopter flight follows the following format:

Your wedding party arrives at the departure point, where one of our experienced ground crew will meet you and your guests then brief you on the helicopter flight, while you enjoy a sparkling wine and/or a fruit platter.

We will then board either the bridal party or grooms party on to the helicopter and take a scenic helicopter flight to the wedding venue.

If the helicopter transfer is for the Bride, we start-up after boarding and do a full shutdown after landing, so we don’t stir up your hair and dress. If you wish, so photos can be taken with the helicopter, we can do a full shutdown after arrival (if we haven’t done so already). When you are ready and the helicopter site is clear we will head home.

Our helicopter seats 3 passengers per flight. Each passenger seat is designed for a maximum weight of 130kg. Of course, the transfer can be for any number of people and we can do several helicopter flights to cater for any number of flight transfers.

We can do helicopter flights any time, from 30min after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset. It is very important that you have a contingency plan in case the weather turns bad on the day. Our final weather check is done 1 hour before the big event. Especially for weddings, we don’t fly our helicopters in winds over 20km per hour (10Kts), when it is raining or when storms are threatening.

Price of a Helicopter Wedding Transfer:

Because of the number of variations in a wedding helicopter flights we need to price each wedding flight independently. Please call one of our experienced coordinators with your requirements and we will do a special helicopter flight transfer package for you.

To book your wedding helicopter transfer, or get a quote, call (07) 3201 0005 or 0417 727 532 or send us an email via our enquiry form.