Helicopter Joy Flights

Emu Gully Air and Land Event

Simulated Medivac in the Bell 47 at Emu Gully


EC130 On Approach to Paradine Wines

Happy Days 1

Jo-Anne and Terry Wine Tour Low res (4)

R44 Departing

Leaving Normanby Wines R44


EC120 1

Adrenalin Air

Pterodactyl Adrenalin Air

We conduct scenic joy flights from a number of locations during the year in the Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane. Mostly these are at Country shows or special events at various venues.

We generally operate joy flights from 10:30am to 3:30pm. If you require a helicopter joy flight outside these hours please phone and we will see what we can do.

Make your helicopter joy flight a whole day affair by enjoying the great facilities each of the landing sites has to offer. Even better, visit all four – we can do transfer joy flights between venues if you like.

Although it is best to book your joy flight you can just show up on the day at any one our landing sites below.

Standard Joy Flights

These exciting joy rides are 5 mins duration – long enough to allow you to experience the joy of helicopter flight.

Prices for a 5-6 min joy flight are below and may vary depending on the location and the distance from our base.

Single passenger joy flight $95 per person
Two passengers $65 per person
Two passengers (Child under 5 and Adult) $120 total

Even though it is best to book your joy flight you can just go to the reception desk at any of the locations above and they will look after you.

All joy flights are subject to weather conditions. For your safety and flying pleasure, we don’t fly in winds over 30km per hour (15kts), when it is raining or when storms are threatening.